The Personal Bit

Ash is a Videographer and Graphic Designer with particular skills in Video Editing and Motion Graphics. His video career started in Cork City, Ireland where he attended St. John’s Central College studying Video and Film Making.

Ash spent the past several years in Los Angeles, California enhancing his talents in the industry. He worked with Fit Body Boot Camp in the media department helping them to get on the Inc. 500 list for four years running. Ash also worked with Instagram and YouTube sensation Bedros Keuilian in his Empire System’s media department. He worked enhanced his skills in editing, colour correction and animation, working with state of the art video equipment.

After marrying his sweetheart; American artist Shenandoah, the creative couple moved to Ireland to raise a family and enjoy a quieter lifestyle in the Irish countryside. Ash set up Liberty Media with his Wife in 2020 to facilitate a growing need for remote editing.

What do we do?

Extraordinary Experiences

Liberty Media specialises in online remote video editing and motion design.

We create high quality video pieces ranging from documentaries to logo animations and special effects.

We can also provide video personal and film on location, anything from short films to wedding videos.

Our Core Values

At Liberty Media we believe in having Core Values we strive to embody on every project we attach our name to: 

Why Liberty Media?

Why choose Liberty Media?

Liberty Media is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality product in the fastest time we can.

We use super-fast online file sharing allowing you to send your footage from anywhere in the world. Liberty Media uses high speed Fibre internet to receive your footage and assets and deliver them back in an efficient manner.

To deliver the best results we use high end equipment and  industry standard software to bring you the best possible product.

What's with the Name?

Why did we decide to call our company Liberty Media?! The short answer is no other name fits us better – Shen and I have always loved the backcountry, the wooded mountainside and the open road, we also loathe bureaucracy.

The longer answer is that time spent in the US. has graced us with a special fondness for American style liberty, the entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do attitude to just about everything that comes our way. We love our personal freedom and try to find ways to shrug off the shackles of our ever oppressive Western governments.

The second part of our name comes from our affection to various art forms, we love everything from classical art to digital music.