What do we do?

Video Editing Advice

Because of my extensive editing experience, I am frequently called upon by previous and new clients to advise on their creative and technical project queries. I am always willing to offer free telephone or email advice on general enquiries and also to provide individually-tailored advice to create the best outcomes for any proposed TV, film or video project or for any creative projects that utilise those elements.

Online Remote Video Editing

There are at many editing skills at which I am adept, including media and file management; adding texts and subtitles in a variety of languages; broadcast standard sound mixing; colour correction; visual effects and constructing a narrative in the edit. This extensive editing experience enables me to quickly create a visually-engaging and high-quality film or video that utilises the best of any supplied media.

My video editing and post-production workstation is connected to the latest ultra-fast full-fibre 1Gb/s broadband. This enables me to provide both Irish and Overseas clients with my video editing and post-production skills, editing online remotely as required. Full-fibre 1Gb/s broadband also gives me the ability to download and upload large amounts of media, including RAW camera files, very quickly when projects require it.

We utilize highspeed online file transfer services to share pre-processed, draft and final cut footage with clients. The services we use enable to share and organize massive amounts of data at lightening speed.

Motion Graphics / SFX

Whether it’s a Logo or SFX Liberty Media love to produce videos that inspire and engage their audience. We can use animation to explain or inform, in a creative and often, fun way.

Animation video is an effective way of reaching a wider audience of a variety of different ages and demographics. Animation is a great way to deliver your message, whilst entertaining and informing.

Freelance Videographer

Using the latest 4K cameras and production equipment I can film live events, interviews, performances, presentations, promotional footage, films for broadcast, social media and websites. As well as filming I am well practised at making the most of the available lighting conditions or setting up suitable artificial lighting. I am confident in recording contributor sound, sync sound and atmosphere audio tracks using a variety of microphones.

Using my well-tuned storytelling skills, my production includes short-form promotional video content for my clients’ online sites and social media channels. I am adept at telling stories that help to engage viewers and raise awareness of particular topics.

My common sense and wide-ranging practical skills ensure that as a freelance videographer I can manage surprising and challenging environments. As well as filming on my own initiative I am also experienced in being directed and working as part of a crew. I am always able to offer a variety of creative options for any production environment.

Wedding Videos

Our wedding video packages will capture the excitement of your day and the dignity of the occasion. The moments that were so long in the planning will all be there for you and your family to enjoy and re-live for years to come.

Please click here to see details on our wedding packages.